The Story

After working many years on some of the world’s most well known beauty brands across the globe, we felt that there was something missing in what’s being offered by known health and beauty brands.

Looking and feeling beautiful isn’t just about make-up and products that are applied on the surface. Beauty is just as much about physical wellbeing and self-appreciation, and both of these are directly linked to sexual wellbeing. That makes healthy sex and sexuality an indistinguishable part of beauty care.

And yet, there are no brands that promote women’s sexual wellbeing with products alongside cosmetics, skin care, depilation, etc. If offered at all, they tend to be near rather vulgar-looking sex toys, or even next to pregnancy tests. That bothers us!

So we made it our mission to change that – to make great products that promote healthy sex as a natural part of beauty care.

To do this, we went to the very best people in their respective fields to help us craft the brand products that women deserve:

For concept design, we turned to a team of creatives in Australia, led by Micah Walker. Micah is one of the world’s most awarded creative directors with groundbreaking work for brands such as Coca-Cola, Toyota, Bacardi, and Budweiser.

Our beautiful and sleek designs were created by product designers who are behind some of the most sensual fragrance bottles and cosmetics packs in the world. Their other work includes brands like Gucci and D&G.

To make the products as good and safe as any well-known consumer brand, we turned to the same people who developed Gillette’s electrical razors and Braun’s Oral-B toothbrushes. Who better to develop something that vibrates safely, quietly and reliably?

The result of all this expertise is Smile Makers – the friendliest collection of vibrators on the planet! We hope Smile Makers will be the brand that removes the archaic stigma still attached to women’s sexual wellbeing and put the category where it belongs – next to everyday health and beauty brands.