Are your products safe?

Product safety and quality are our top priorities. Smile Makers are manufactured in accordance with safety standards previously unheard of in sex toys manufacturing. We choose to follow the same safety and quality standards that are used for high-end consumer electronics. To our knowledge no other sex toys meet the same safety and quality standards. Consequently our products are not manufactured with other sex toys, but rather alongside some of the most well-known and highly regarded consumer electronics brands.

What kind of battery will I need to use my Smile Maker product?

You only need one AAA battery for your Smile Maker. Please ask a store clerk in your local shop if you are unsure which battery is AAA.

Why don’t you include a battery with your product?

Batteries lose power from the moment they are manufactured. If we were to pre-purchase batteries and include them in the package, they would not be new when they reached you. This would not only reduce the number of hours you can use the product without replacing the battery, but it would unnecessarily increase battery waste, which is harmful to the environment.